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We are offering laying installation protection maintenance of subsea power and fiber optic cables.

M-Tech Offshore covers a complete range of services in the Offshore Renewables, Power Cables, Fiber Optics and Oil & Gas, providing Turn-key Solutions for Repair, Maintenance, Installation, Trenching & Protection of Subsea Cables & Pipelines, offering:

Who We Are

M-TECHs vision started with the traditional line of business of two companies focused on offshore engineering and support services in addition to installation and maintenance of submarine cables. Taking on to this joint venture decades of experience we are able to provide guaranteed and reliable turnkey solutions with marine services for any type of submarine cables, in addition to engineering and development of inter-array and export cable systems, with installation, protection and maintenance solutions.

Maintaining a combination of key-positions from previous crew, coupled with NT’s long presence in the North Sea area and Maritech's 25 Year experience in the subsea cable industry and backed by a strategically positioned vessel management office in Denmark, the vessel will continue to operate as an efficient handy-size subsea cable installation and support vessel for Europe and Worldwide Operations.

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Turnkey Services

M-TECH Offshore A/S covers the whole value chain of Survey, Route Preparation, Cable Laying, Protection, Maintenance and Repair of Subsea cables.

Our experienced and specialized teams of:

  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Naval Architects
  • Offshore Installation Field Technicians
  • Divers (<100m WD)

can provide reliable solutions, delivering quality onshore and offshore engineering and project management using our fleet of Specialized Vessels, Custom Designed burial tools and State-of-the art Work Class Trenching ROV.

Engineering & Project Management

In-house Design Engineering
  • Route Design
  • Installation Analysis
  • Cable spread lay out design
  • Vessel structural integrity analysis


IN-house Survey Engineering
  • Geophysical Survey (MBES, SSS, SBP/SBES, Magnetometer)
  • Geotechnical (Coring, CPT)
  • Environmental
  • Topographic
  • Scientific
  • UXO
  • GIS & Spatial Information Management
  • Desktop Study

Route Preparation

  • Seabed Excavation & Dredging
  • Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR)
  • Route Clearance (RC)
  • Boulders Removal
  • Cable Removal

Laying, Installation & Maintenance

  • 33kV & 66kV Inter-Array Cables
  • HVDC & HVAC Subsea Export Cables
  • Dedicated DP2 Cable Lay Vessels
  • Cable Lay Barges with Thrusters
  • Cable Laying Spread & Software
  • Cable Handling Equipment
  • Preparation of Structures and Pull-In of the Cables into Substations and Foundations


  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • ROV Trenching operations (<3m DoB)
  • Post-Lay Inspection & Burial (PLIB)
  • Design and Fabrication of Articulated Pipes and Anchor Clamps

Diving Services

  • Diving services up to 100m Water Depth
  • Diving platform vessels and barges
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Certification


  • Modern DP2 Cable Lay Vessels
  • Shallow Draft Barges fitted with Cable Laying Spread
  • Research & Survey Vessels
  • Accommodation & Crew Transfer Vessels
  • Diving vessels

Transportation & Storage

  • In-house Logistics Team
  • Turntables
  • Customized Cable Tanks
  • Cable Handling Equipment
  • Strategically placed Storage Areas around the globe

Maritech International LTD and NT-Offshore ApS are pleased to announce that they have entered as equal partners to a Joint Venture and formed M-Tech Offshore A/S with its registered offices in Esbjerg (DK-6700) Denmark.

M-Tech Offshore A/S acquired the CLV SIA, a DP-2 cable laying vessel configured for worldwide operations in subsea power cable installations and inter-array links. The CLV SIA is a capable vessel carrying additional facilities to accommodate smaller subsea cable installations including fiber optic cables. On-top of cable laying, the vessel is a fully modernized, very capable and well equipped multipurpose support vessel

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