DP2 Cable Laying Vessel

M-Tech Offshore A/S owns and operates the CLV SIA, an efficient handy-sized DP-2 cable laying vessel, which is configured for worldwide inter-array and subsea power cable installations and maintenance, with additional facilities on-board to accommodate for installation of smaller subsea cables, including fibre-optics.

The CLV SIA flies the Danish flag, is a fully SOLAS classed vessel, equipped with efficient cable lay spread, 3 turn-tables, deck winches, lifting equipment and accommodates SIMEC’s work-class trenching ROV “Seagma”, suitable for inspection, survey and burial operations on up to 3m trenching depth, on maximum operating water depth of 1000m.

Additional modular deck spreads are also available for support operations such as pre-lay grapnel runs and route clearances. The 500m2 vessel's deck has been strengthened for LARS, making her an ideal ROV support platform, whist the on board survey electronic spread, the moon-pool and side mounted equipment enables her to perform cable route survey operations.

In addition to cable laying capabilities, the CLV SIA has modern and comfortable accommodation for 50 passengers with crew and can be utilized as a multipurpose support vessel, capable of handling challenging environmental conditions.

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CLV SIA - Cable Trenching

Modular Cable Laying spread for subsea fiber fibre-optic cables

ROV Seagma
  • Shallow Draft (4m Fully Loaded)
  • Efficient Cable Lay Spread & 3m Cable Tanks (Turn-Tables)
  • Facilities to accommodate a WORK-CLASS ROV
  • Maneuverability & Station Keeping (11 x Thrusters & DP-2)
  • Deck Winches & Cranes
  • Modular Deck Spreads available for support work such as:
  • Pre Lay Grappnel Runs and Route Clearances (PLGR/RC)
  • ROV Support Platform (Deck strengthened for LARS and W-ROV)
  • Route Surveys (Moon-Pool & Side Mounted Equipment)
  • Accommodation for 50 persons incl. Crew with modern amenities
Type of Vessel CLV DP-2
Home Port Esbjerg, Denmark
Classification: Lloyd's Register
Transit Speed 12 knots

    The planned Seabras-1 cable system will route from Avon By The Sea (NJ, USA) to Praia Grande (Santos, Brazil).

    Our CLV SIA performed Route Clearance and Pre-lay Grapnel Runs between 12m-1000m WD for the Seabras-1 Cable System, offshore New Jersey (US).


    Accommodation of 30 technicians for 4 months on board the CLV SIA for the Maintenance service of 54 Monopiles of the Offshore Wind Farm Nordsee One.

  • BorWin3 Offshore Wind Farm

    Route Clearance and Pre-lay Grapnel Runs between 8m-40m WD.
    - 90km of PLGR
    - 21 out of use Cables

  • Cobra Interconnector HV

    Route Clearance and Pre-lay Grapnel Runs between 8m-40m WD.
    - 260km of PLGR
    - 45 OOS Cables